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CHOC Children’s Hospital celebrates a $30,000 donation for PPE from Panda Express

On Friday, July 24, Panda Express locations in Southeast Michigan proved once again that they are committed to their communities by donating another 4,000 masks to Beaumont Health’s frontline caregivers. This brings their total to 104,000 masks donated to assist with COVID-19 efforts!

As we progress through the COVID-19 outbreak, we kn0w that PPE (and specifically masks) will still be required for some time. Without the generous support of Panda Express locations in Southeast Michigan, we wouldn’t be able to protect the brave frontline caregivers who have sacrificed so much to help so many.


We are excited to celebrate a $30,000 donation from Panda Express to support the purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at CHOC Children’s Hospital. As Southern California families face the COVID-19 pandemic together, PPE has become an essential part of every day life. At CHOC, PPE is used both by associates and is provided to patients and families visiting the hospital, clinics or specialty offices.


  • Dr Charles Golden, VP & Executive Medical Director, CHOC Children’s Primary Care Network
  • Doug Corbin, Senior Vice President, Chief Development Officer, CHOC Children’s Foundation
  • Kieriay Moyer, Assistant Director, Corporate Engagement, CHOC Children’s Foundation
  • Ru Chen, Regional Director of Operations, Panda Express and members of his team

Since 2007, Panda Express has donated over $2 million to CHOC Children’s Hospital, supporting CHOC in their mission to provide world class care to over 200,000 patients in Orange County and beyond. Panda associates raise funds for CHOC through customer donations at check out, employee giving and other programs.

Thank you Panda Express, Panda Cares Foundation, and the associates of Panda for their ongoing support of CHOC Children’s Hospitals!