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Visiting our Friends at Panda Express!

When it comes to Panda Express,  people know them for their awesome food. Here at Children’s Health though, we know them for their commitment to our patients and families. Panda Express shows everyday that #PandaCares for the kids at Children’s Health by asking customers to round up their transaction!

If you get the chance, have dinner at Panda Express, and when they ask you to round up, consider saying “Yes!”  Better yet, tell them you want to donate $1 or $5 to your local CMN Hospital.  Over the last few weeks we have been able to visit some of the 49 locations that raise funds for Children’s Health throughout the year. Check out the photos of our tour of Panda restaurants below:

One of our awesome patients visited Panda Express #2398 in Irving, TX
A patient family visited Panda Express #1854 in Dallas, TX
Panda Express # 1025 in Garland, TX
Panda Express #2598 in Garland, TX
Panda Express #2352 in Corsicana, TX
Panda Express #2656 in Irving, TX