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Three More Reasons To Love Orange Chicken at Panda Express


#3 FAMILY-OWNED BUSINESS:  It may come to a surprise to some, but Panda Express is still a family-owned business!  One of their core values is giving and it is evident in what they do for their communities (more below).  For consumers, it also means that their quality of food, taste and freshness are consistent across the board, making Panda a reliable and delicious lunch option, no matter where you are.

#2 WE’RE THE CHARITY YOU DONATE TO: Every time the cashier asks if you would like to round up for charity, they’re talking about Valley Children’s. Panda Express works with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to raise money for children in our community.  Every time a customer says yes, he/she is directly impacting our community.

#1 TOP FUNDRAISER IN THE NATION:  Our local restaurants raised over $400,000 for Valley Children’s this past year – thanks to you! With your help, they were one of the top fundraising markets for CMN Hospitals in the nation  last year.

So next time you and your friends are thinking about where to grab lunch, stop by Panda Express! If you do, make sure to tell them thank you for their support.

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