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Submit Content for Panda Express!

Are you a Panda Express associate who’s passionate about raising funds for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, or has their own personal experience with CMN Hospitals that drives them to give back to their community? Are you a Panda Express fan who wants to share why you choose to round-up at the register and donate to CMN Hospitals every time you visit a Panda store? Are you a hospital employee or patient who wishes to express their gratitude for Panda’s impact on your care through the funds they raise?

We want to see and hear your stories!

 You have two options through this post to share your story:

  • Written: Write your story in a downloadable format and upload to the Dropbox folder.
  • Video: Record yourself sharing your story, save it as an MP4 and upload it to the Dropbox folder.

In addition to anything you film or write, we’d love for you to upload existing videos or images that tell your story. Whether that’s photos from your time as a hospital patient or in-store footage of your team raising funds for CMN Hospitals, we’d love them all! And, because you signed a consent form on the former page, you’ve given us permission to use these assets which means all you need to do is upload them. You can share and film as much or as little as you want and if you aren’t able to finish in one sitting, you can come back and upload as many files as you like to the Dropbox link provided on the form page you were just on.

Writing tips to ensure your story is best shared:

  • Include as much detail as possible! The more you provide, the more our team has to work with when developing content that will help us raise more funds for CMN Hospitals.
  • It’s fine to include photos inside your Word doc but please be sure to upload them to the Dropbox as a separate file to ensure we have access to the highest quality versions.

Filming tips to ensure the highest quality content is captured:

  • Please film somewhere quiet and well-lit in landscape/horizontal mode.
  • When setting up your shot, allow for a little extra space around your shoulders and above your head so we can zoom in for editing if needed.
  • Please use a tripod or prop your camera against something.
  • Please do not wear apparel that includes logos outside of CMN Hospitals or related partners.
  • Do not submit any content that might be harmful to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals brand (including spoken words, apparel worn, or items included in the foreground or background.


  • Include the basics – name, city/state where you reside, age, CMN Hospital your experience (or your child’s story) takes place
  • Tell us about your/your child’s diagnosis. How did it come to be? How did you feel during that experience?
  • Tell me about you/your child! What do they like to do? What is their personality like? What are some of their favorite things?
  • Did you access a Panda Cares Center of Hope? If so, describe the Panda Cares Center of Hope in your own words. What was it like to have a space like this available to you during your stay?
  • Why do you think fundraising for hospitals is important? What would you like to say to Panda associates and guests who raise money/donate for CMN Hospitals?


  • My name is [name], I currently live in [city or state] and I’m a [Panda Express associate/parent to a patient/hospital employee/etc.].
  • I think fundraising for CMN Hospitals is important because…
  • I’m proud to work for Panda Express because…
  • I think that people should donate/raise funds for CMN Hospitals because…



*CMN Hospitals and/or Panda Express may use this information for content on social channels, in videos, on the web etc. Because you signed the consent form on the previous page, you agree to this. In sharing stories like yours, CMN Hospitals is always aiming to raise awareness of the benefit of these hospitals, the importance of donating and ultimately, drive more fundraising. Thanks in advance for helping us do just that!