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Panda Express caters to NICU graduates and families

Panada Express in Chesapeake, VA helped feed over 400 people at Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters’ (CHKD) NICU reunion on Saturday, June 1, 2019.  CHKD NICU Parent Support Coordinator, Marnie Dyer, said “The reunion was great!  The Panda people are so nice!”  The reunion brings together NICU graduates and their families to celebrate the tremendous accomplishment of leaving the hospital and thriving after days, weeks, or even months of being hospitalized after birth.  The event featured games, face painting, food, and even appearances by CHKD’s Healthy Bear and Panda Express’s Panada. CHKD is grateful for the continued support from local Panda Express locations.  

Panda and Healthy Bear snapped a photo with the Panda Cares team.


Panda Cares team members from Chesapeake, VA Panda Express pose together at the reunion.